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Dawkins L & N Engineering Works Ltd53 McArthur Avenue - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-757-2960

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Dawkins L & N Engineering Works Ltd manufactures and repairs block making machinery, bakery machines, tractor parts, brake discs, wheel bearings and other equipment.
Manufacture: - We offer a wide variety of services in the manufacturing sector.
This includes manufacturing of gears, suspension bushing, rock and pinion bushing, shafts, fittings, couplings, nuts and bolts of all different sizes and lengths.
Welding: - Welding is done at its highest level which includes cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel, oxy-Acetylene and fabrication.
Repairs: - To a wide range of gears and pumps (including the bauxite industry and factories), shafts, drive shafts, bakery machine parts and boring and sleeving of engine block.
Pressing out and in of bushings, forklift tyres resurface of cylinder head and disc rotors are done on a wide scale.
Every job is treated as priority hence we facilitate this by working out of our plant when it becomes necessary.
Pickup and delivery service is done at a minimal cost.
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