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Powersource Jamaica3rd Floor, The Summit Building 11 Northside Drive, Liguanea - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-631-2467

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PowerSource Industries provides energy security and efficiency management solutions for commercial and residential needs.
We aim to be the energy services company of choice between consumers and financial institutions in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean region.
More and more commercial and residential customers in Jamaica are purchasing alternative energy solutions for electricity and biogas supplied from an energy service company (ESCO).
Learning about the competitive energy marketplace, and how to take advantage of it, requires understanding of some basic information and Powersource can assist you and guide you across hurdles you do not want to cross.
There are some things you do not want to learn the hard way, we can ensure you don't.
PowerSource provides full ESCO-type solutions as well as partial sales oriented supply of parts and smarts for a number of energy system types and solutions.
We have a fully capable in-house team that can easily design, procure, and deliver your solutions and when they need maintenance support and upkeep, we do that too!
We're here for your best interest!
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