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Desiya296 Mount View Boulevard - Spanish Town
Phone: +1 876-313-3844

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 Wondering how to reduce your electricity bill?
Consider using solar type solutions.
We provide the latest in solar powered innovation, for indoor and outdoor use. They are easy to install and virtually maintenance free.
Our entire product range is powered by the clean limitless energy of the sun.
As your energy saving partner, we can find a solution for every situation.
All our products come with at least one warranty (some up to five years) with one year warranty on the batteries (most batteries are lithium-ion which last in excess of two years)
The fact is, if you do nothing to become more energy efficiency your utility costs will continue to eat away at your monthly income or business profit each and ever month. GUARANTEED!
What are the benefits to the consumers?
  • No increase in JPS bill
  • Easy to install. No electrical installation
  • Works from dusk until dawn
  • Last longer, more durable
  • Our lighting solutions provides security of person and property
Our greatest satisfaction is to listen to the customers, identify their needs and together find the best solution to reach their objectives with the best economic feasibility.
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