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 The IMAJ, Jamaica’s construction Association, was established in 1952, and was the brain child of Mr. T.A.D. Smith who felt that builders and construction contractors should have an unified association to address the concerns of the industry which in his view were twofold:
to prevent the ad-hoc UnionBuilder individual bargaining
to provide Builders with professional recognition.
From this idea the Incorporated Masterbuilders Association of Jamaica was formed with thirteen (13) foundation members and has served the people of Jamaica for over fifty years.
The President, the 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents, the immediate Past President and the Secretary Manager form the Management Committee which reports to the Executive Council. This Council is made up of the officers named above, 5-7 elected members, representatives of the Associated Societies and meets once per month on second Tuesdays.
The IMAJ is dedicated to improving the construction industry by educating the industry to employ the finest skills, promoting use of the latest technology and advocating building the best quality projects for owners, public and private.
Some of the Association’s major achievements include:
Recognition by the public and private sectors in Jamaica and international interests as being the main representative of the construction industry.
Establishment of the Code of Procedure for Selective Tendering for the Building and Construction Industry as established by the Construction Industry Council, formerly the Joint Consultative Committee, consisting of the Jamaican Institute of Architects, the Jamaican Institute of Quantity Surveyors, the Jamaica Institution of Engineers, the Land Surveyors Association of Jamaica and the Incorporated Masterbuilders Association of Jamaica.
Establishment of an employment and exposure programme to offer industry exposure and temporary employment to young persons undergoing training in construction related disciplines.
Establishment of a Speakers Bureau comprising a team of entrepreneurs and professionals for speaking assignments, on the social and economic importance of the industry, character building and career opportunities in the industry.
The Standard Form of Building Contract in association with the Construction Industry Council.
Establishment of the Joint Industrial Council for the Building and Construction Industry, consisting of the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union, the National Workers Union, the Trade Union Congress and the Incorporated Masterbuilders Association representing the Employers in the industry to establish standard rates and other conditions of employment
Establishment of an educational assistance programme for students in various institutions of learning (High Schools, Universities and HEART)
Provision of representatives in the following public and private sector organizations:
Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation
Bureau of Standards
H.E.A.R.T. Trust
Establishment of the Construction Resource and Development Centre.
Builders Clinics – In response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Ivan the Association worked in conjunction with HEART/NTA in the National Reconstruction Training Programmes by participating in Training Clinics held at various locations across Jamaica. Presentations were made in every parish on the theme “Building Safe Houses”. Emphasis is placed on the methods of construction to withstand hurricane force winds and other natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes.
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