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Quality Finish ConstructionP.O, 168 Brunswick Avenue - Spanish Town
Phone: +1 876-463-7700
Phone: +1 876-884-7705

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QUALITY FINISH CONSTRUCTION is a ten (10) years old company that was born one year before the 2009 global recession. The owners of the company knew the recession would affect their profits and investments one year later; but, they were adamant to open their construction business.
Regardless, they knew the financial rewards of running a business is unlike and their company potential growth will be threaten which may leaded to their biggest fear of all the winding up of their business within a short period. The harsh reality did not stop them; because, they were more geared towards the helping of construction customers.
Although they foresaw the future challenges ahead the owners were optimistic in the view that helping and doing quality work for clients is the ultimate keys to survival. Most persons would say what a ridiculous and reckless move to smart a business one year before a globe recession; but, the owners registered their business on November 4, 2008 with THE COMPANIES OFFICE OF JAMAICA with faith and optimistic intentions.
When the recession hits the business fight for it survival: it was beaten, burst and scared; but it’s battle scared make it stronger and victorious.
It still have it’s challenges and still need to expand in a well known company all over the globe; but, the company currently joined partnerships with young and vibrant minds who have a passion for offering quality construction services. The young persons are currently working relentless to build the company in what the first partners envision it should be like and it is getting there.
The company is currently getting contractual agreement in all walks of life to enhance and develop the noble company Quality Finish Construction. Current our slogan is “Breaking all the barriers and building public trust.”
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