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New Finishers Maintenance Ltd99 C Spring Rd - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-755-0921

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The birth of this construction business came about as a two-year project with the Island Life Insurance Co.
The set-up of the business at that time was that of a home office with a staff compliment of 5 and several temporary workers during events.
Today the business has 20 permanent core staff members and a list of contract workers on call.
Now we are the # 1 contractor for Telecom powerhouse “Digicel” for which we have provided construction services for 100’s Retail Stores, Office space, Apartments across the Caribbean, South and Central America to the highest standards, and we aim to continue growing with a quest for upward mobility in the quality of services we offer.
We know from experience that there are three important elements to a successful project: Professional workmanship, quality materials and effective customer relations. To accomplish the following objectives:
To be proactive rather than reactive; anticipating the needs of the customers with the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.
To create an atmosphere whereby The New Finishers Maintenance Ltd. and its suppliers offer a quality, timely performance at a reasonable price.
To ultimately one day provide the best construction services Jamaica can offer.
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