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Telfie ConstructionEast Ave - Kingston
Phone: 1 876-908-4722
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Telfie Construction Company Limited is a firm of construction professionals. Telfie Construction was formed and registered under The Company’s Act on April 21, 1991. The Company is also registered with the National Contract Commission (NCC). Under the direction of Managing Director, Trevor Brown and Engineer/Director Peter Jervis, Telfie’s Principal and Technical staff bring collectively, over Twenty Six years of experience in Civil Engineering and Construction Project Management.
The Company has retained an enduring core of executive management, senior managers, and value-driven professionals for over four decades. Over thirty (30) employees have worked at the company for over 10 years and nearly half of the 100+ employees have worked at Telfie Construction for more than five years. This type of mutual commitment is virtually unparalleled in the industry.
Telfie is committed to the concept of best value for money, in the building and supervision of construction projects. We continue to maintain high standards in Building & Civil Engineering and Construction Management. We aim to develop an excellent customer service culture in the construction industry, as well as to maintain good relationships with our clients.
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