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Stone's Motor Rewind Service33 Queens Avenue - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-968-6311

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Stone’s Motor Rewind Service is a family owned company serving the Public and Private sectors for over 20 years.
Our hive of industry, located in Kingston Jamaica, is a modern purpose-built facility designed to adhere to the standards and guarantees of the Electrical Apparatus Service Association, Inc. (EASA).
We maintain the highest quality of business integrity and ability in the repairing and servicing of electrical apparatus.
Modern Industrial Oven used for drying, curing and/or baking winding components, ensuring satisfactory results.
Electric Motor Tester & Winding Analyzer provides a wide range of tests to analyze the condition of insulation systems in all types of windings and coils.
The iTIG surge comparison tester combines multiple testing technologies into a single instrument.
From low to high voltage, all tests can be completed with the push of a button.
Dismantle and Inspection:
As the motor is dismantled, it is examined for any internal mechanical or electrical faults, e.g. signs of wear, rubbing or abrasion, mechanical stress, thermal aging, loose connections, contamination oaring.
All defects are recorded on a data sheet so that a detailed repair estimate can be prepared.
If moisture or any foreign materials are detected but the stator windings are otherwise undamaged they often can be reconditioned without rewinding the stator.
(Recondition includes: steam clean to remove dust/dirt carbon or any oil or greasy substance and bake.)
Stripping and Rewinding:
If the motor is to be rewound the old winding must be removed and the stator core must be cleaned thoroughly.
However, before stripping the core dimensions are measured and recorded so that new slot insulation can be fabricated.
The length of the core extensions are also measured and recorded.
Suspected problems are also recorded on a data sheet to be checked or repaired as necessary After win
Varnish and Curing:
-Insulation resistance and surge comparison tests are usually performed at this stage.
-The rewound stator is now saturated with an insulating varnish and placed in a low temperature curing oven.
-Depending on the repair specifications and the application, some stators are preheated and fast cured with a two part epoxy-lite resin that is poured on the windings.
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