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Ashtrom Building Systems LimitedCentral Village - Spanish Town
Phone: 876-984-3210

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Ashtrom Building Systems Limited is the Jamaican subsidiary of Ashtrom Engineering International construction and development company headquartered in Israel.
The relationship between Ashtrom Engineering International Company Limited and Jamaica started in 1969 with the incorporation of Ashtrom (Jamaica) Limited to construct low cost and medium income housing solutions on a large scale The construction of some 700 housing solutions in Ensom City, St Catherine was its first major assignment.
In 1972 Ashtrom (Jamaica) limited merged with the development company Ensom City (1968) limited to form Ashtrom Ensom Development Limited and operated as developers and contractors of major housing projects.
Ashtrom Building Systems Limited was established in 1979 by Ashtrom (Jamaica) Limited in partnership with the National Housing Corporation (now housing of Jamaica, which was the majority shareholder until 1994.
The new company introduced the fast and versatile construction method called the "Tunnel System" and constructed many successful large scale projects.
For over three decades, Ashtrom Building Systems has been making an impact on Jamaica's construction industry with innovative building solutions while expanding its services to meet the local demand for road, water and drainage infrastructure.
Currently, the company utilises a Prefabricated Modular Building System to construct cost effective, customised housing and commercial units under precise quality control conditions, which meet local and international building standards.
Over 1000 staff includes administrative, engineers, skilled and un-skilled labour and sub-contractors assist the organisation in providing and maintaining the high quality standard that is synonymous with the Ashtrom brand.
The impact of Ashtrom Building Systems on the local construction industry is evident in many sectors including Housing, Education, Tourism, Manufacturing, Sports and Security.
Other projects include Rehabilitation of the South Gully, Montego Bay, Construction of the Northcoast Highway from Negril to Montego Bay, Expansion of the Donald Sangster International Airport, Construction of Gordon Cay (South Terminal), Pipe Laying in the Kingston Metropolitan Area and St. Catherine and Construction of the Jamaica Constabulary Force Divisional Headquarters in St James and the Duhaney Park Police Station
As corporate citizens, we are committed to enhancing the lives of the residents of our community and its environs through the provision of infrastructure such as playgrounds and community centres for recreation and community development as well as bursaries for tertiary level education.
Ashtrom Building Systems is also a member of the Whitemarl Central Village Business community watch which fosters god community relationships among businesses in Central Village and surrounding areas.
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