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Private Clinics in Jamaica
St. Clair Medical Centre logo

St. Clair Medical Centre7, 5 Oxford Park Avenue
Phone: +1 876-292-3739
Phone: +1 876-908-1498

Pregnancy Resource Centre of Jamaica logo

Pregnancy Resource Centre of JamaicaShop 14A 3-5 Fort Street
Montego Bay
Phone: +1 876-971-2004
Phone: +1 876-446-6524

Biomedical Caledonia Medical Laboratory logo

Biomedical Caledonia Medical Laboratory8A Caledonia Avenue
Phone: +1 876-926-7479

GPS Medical Kingston logo

GPS Medical KingstonNot defined
Phone: (+1) 876-822-8802

Dermakare Skin and Body Centre logo
Family Care Medical Center & Lab logo
Gynobs logo

GynobsMay Pen
Phone: +1 876-786-1303

Mobay Hope Medical Center logo

Mobay Hope Medical CenterMontego Bay
Phone: +1 876-953-3981

JAXIN logo

Phone: +1 876-967-2823

Konchus Kare Medical Centre logo

Konchus Kare Medical CentreKingston
Phone: +1 876-488-0885

Safe Care MedicalKingston
Phone: +1 876-827-0171

Havendale HealthcareKingston
Phone: +1 876-631-8134

Care Assist Jamaica logo

Care Assist JamaicaKingston
Phone: +1 876-796-1898

Surgix Jamaica Ltd logo

Surgix Jamaica LtdKingston
Phone: +1 876-631-5295

Windsor Wellness Centre logo

Windsor Wellness CentreKingston
Phone: +1 876-633-1383

Ear, Hearing & Dizzy Centre logo

Ear, Hearing & Dizzy CentreKingston
Phone: +1 876-633-1312

Heritage Medical Centre logo

Heritage Medical CentreSavanna la Mar
Phone: +1 876-955-2197

People's Medical Lab logo

People's Medical LabKingston
Phone: +1 876-807-2727

Dr. Daryl A. Daley logo

Dr. Daryl A. DaleyKingston
Phone: +1 876-799-0588

AA Laquis Jamaica logo

AA Laquis JamaicaKingston
Phone: +1 876-754-4413

Dr. Andrew Manning logo

Dr. Andrew ManningKingston
Phone: +1 876-929-8512

JAD Hearing Clinic logo

JAD Hearing ClinicKingston
Phone: +1 876-926-7709

Hard End Fitness Factory logo

Hard End Fitness FactoryKingston
Phone: +1 876-844-3317

Mannings Hill Medical Center logo

Mannings Hill Medical CenterKingston
Phone: +1 876-925-7663

Dr Orville Morgan logo

Dr Orville MorganKingston
Phone: +1 876-665-5467

Healing Gynaecology Centre logo

Healing Gynaecology CentreKingston
Phone: +1 876-631-4324

Dr. Kevin Henry logo

Dr. Kevin HenryKingston
Phone: +1 876-978-7803

Gynae Associates  logo

Gynae Associates Kingston
Phone: +1 876-929-5038

Platinum Health Care logo

Platinum Health CareKingston
Phone: 1 876-622-6956

Heart and Vascular Centre logo

Heart and Vascular CentreKingston
Phone: 1 876-908-1095