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Doctors in Jamaica
St. Clair Medical Centre logo

St. Clair Medical Centre7, 5 Oxford Park Avenue
Phone: +1 876-292-3739
Phone: +1 876-908-1498

AcquaPhi glacier water logo

AcquaPhi glacier waterDistributed by Jamaikando Company Ltd
All Island

MVP Health Services Linstead
Phone: +1 876-408-4916

Amadeo Medical Group logo

Amadeo Medical GroupSpanish Town
Phone: +1 876-749-1565

Heart and Vascular Centre logo

Heart and Vascular CentreKingston
Phone: 1 876-908-1095

Dr. Jones Holness, GynecologistMandeville
Phone: 1 876-336-6805

Ruthven Medical Center logo

Ruthven Medical CenterKingston
Phone: 1 876-920-02702

Gwest Medical Centre logo

Gwest Medical CentreMontego Bay
Phone: 1 876-553-6026

Dr Carol E Burrell  logo

Dr Carol E Burrell Port Antonio
Phone: +1 876-445-5296

Skin LocaleMontego Bay
Phone: +1 876-378-4780

Nathan Ebanks Foundation logo

Nathan Ebanks FoundationKingston
Phone: +1 876-622-7600

Chain of Hope Jamaica logo

Chain of Hope JamaicaKingston
Phone: +1 876-968-5336

Icon Medical Centre logo

Icon Medical CentreKingston
Phone: +1 876) 908-2626

Portmore Hospital Complex logo

Portmore Hospital ComplexPortmore
Phone: +1 876-704-9365

Manuchant Ltd logo

Manuchant LtdKingston
Phone: +1 876-978-9494

Hope Dialysis Centre Ltd logo

Hope Dialysis Centre LtdKingston
Phone: +1 876-946-9747

Rapha Dialysis Centre logo

Rapha Dialysis CentreMontego Bay
Phone: +1 876-971-9560

Caribbean Tots to TeensKingston
Phone: +1 876-978-8535

Javana Services logo

Javana ServicesPortmore
Phone: +1 876-746-8804

BBC Medical Services logo

BBC Medical ServicesKingston
Phone: +1 876-630-4760

Stress Solutions  logo

Stress Solutions Kingston
Phone: +1 876-909-1514

Windward Medical Centre logo

Windward Medical CentreKingston
Phone: +1 876-928-5075

The Acne Doctor logo

The Acne DoctorKingston
Phone: +1 876-906-9999

Santa Clara Medical Centre logo

Santa Clara Medical CentreKingston
Phone: +1 876-960-8330

Contemporary Medical Affiliates logo
Denta Med Distributors logo

Denta Med DistributorsKingston
Phone: +1 876-275-1759

RDL Distributors logo

RDL DistributorsKingston
Phone: +1 876-906-4312