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Triphina's Pharmacy & Gift Center43 Constant Spring Road, Shop 1A, 7th Avenue Plaza - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-926-5887

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Triphina’s Pharmacy strives to help our customers handle their healthcare needs with dignity.
Triphina’s Pharmacy is the manifestation of a dream held by two people - Newton and Jodian (father and daughter). They planned to start a business , Triphina’s Delite, but never got to due to Jodian’s untimely passing as a result of complications from LUPUS. The experiences during her illness led her father to develop an interest in healthcare. This has led to him embarking on this new venture. The pharmacy is named as a tribute to Jodian, whose middle name was Triphina.
Triphina’s Pharmacy is the fulfillment of this desire to make some contribution to health care in our country. Newton hopes to accomplish this with the help of his business partner and Pharmacist Aneeki Scott.
Consequently, Triphina’s is not intended to be the regular pharmacy but will be offering several unique services. The aim will be to improve the health of our patients with our individualized approach to patient care. Importantly, Ms. Scott highlighted that as the Pharmacist, she will be offering one-on-one monitoring of patients aimed at improving compliance which should result in better health.
We will strive to help our customers handle their health-care needs with dignity as well as to improve their understanding of the importance of practicing good health care.
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