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Noel Holmes HospitalFort Charlotte Drive - Lucea
Phone: +1 876-956-2233

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The Hanover Public Health Services provides preventative and curative health care primarily to a population of over 67,200 persons living in the Parish of Hanover. This accounts for approximately 14% of the total populace of the Western Region.
The Hanover Health Services Delivers Primary Health (Clinical & Community) Care through its network of Health Centres, types I – III, appropriately located to provide efficient coverage of the population. Secondary Health Care is provided through the Noel Holmes Hospital, which is a National Landmark with a rich history.
The Noel Holmes Hospital with cool breeze blowing over, provides comprehensive quality care for our clients, relatives, visitors and the community at large, in a clean, healthy and pleasant environment that is warm and friendly. Services are delivered by our united, trained, highly motivated staff, in a tactful and confidential manner.
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