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Nuttall Memorial Hospital6 Caledonia Avenue, Kingston 5 - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-926 2139
Fax: +1 876-926-4760

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The Nuttall Memorial Hospital commemorates the life of Enos Nuttall, a Christian leader of exceptional vision and a great humanitarian. He came to Jamaica from England in 1861 as a nineteen-year old Wesleyan missionary.
At that time there was a spiritual awakening in Jamaica known as the Great Revival which affected most Christian denominations. After a few years he offered himself as a candidate for the Church of England and was made rector of St. George’s Church in Kingston in 1866, the year after the Morant Bay Rebellion which resulted in Jamaica becoming a crown colony.
The Church of England in Jamaica was de-established in 1870 and the number of ministers reduced from 92 to 52. His leadership qualities, capacity for hard work and Christian zeal were soon recognized and he rose through the ranks of the Anglican Church to become Bishop of Jamaica in 1880 and the first Archbishop of the Province of the West Indies in 1893. His contribution to the educational and social development of Jamaica was monumental.
Nuttall Memorial Hospital welcomes all our patients and guests to our healing environment. Nuttall Memorial Hospital is a 50-bed facility, owned by Nuttall Memorial Hospital Trust Limited and operated by the and the Cayman Islands.
The hospital was built in 1923 to honour the memory of Archbishop Enos Nuttall, who was an outstanding church leader in Kingston and Jamaica. The hospital is located in the heart of Cross Roads with excellent parking facilities and easy access from both Old Hope Road and Caledonia Avenue.
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