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Channer Guyan Dr MBBS DM (ENT) FCCS FACSAndrews Memorial Hospital - Kingston
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Channer Guyan Dr MBBS DM (ENT) FCCS FACS ENT Specialist
Stapes Surgery
Stapes Surgery
Skull Base Surgeon
Certified MBBS FCCS MD
Dr. Channer developed a keen interest for otolaryngology (ENT) during his medical degree pursuit at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Jamaica. He also completed his ENT residency at UWI as well as several institutions in the United Kingdom and was the top performer across all surgical disciplines.
As an ENT consultant, he diagnoses and manages diseases of the ear, nose and throat. These include ear infections, hoarseness, goiters (thyroid swellings), tonsil and adenoids, wax impaction, foreign bodies, snoring and sinusitis.
Dr. Channer further super-specialized in otology, neurotology and skull base surgery at the University of Miami to become the only superspecialist in the english-speaking Caribbean.
Neurotology is a medical superspecialty within the field of otolaryngology that focuses on pathologies involving the ear, organ and nerve of hearing and balance and their courses to the brainstem. These include hearing loss, dizziness (vertigo), BPPV, glomus tumours, otosclerosis and acoustic neuroma (vestibular schwannoma).
Aware of on-going technological advances, he constantly upgrades his training, by attending several continuing education seminars locally and overseas, publishing research and chapters in journals and medical texts thus ensuring he provides patients with the best treatment options available.
He is also a member of several local and international associations inclusive of American college of surgeons, American Neurotology Association, American Academy of Otolaryngologist, Jamaica and Caribbean Association of Otolaryngology.
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