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Superhealth Ltd5 Balmoral Ave - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-929-7610

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At Superhealth, we teach you how to be at peace with your health condition using Quantum Principles and Natural Healing Techniques. Dr. Smith has over 25 years experience in alternative protocols. He is a graduate of the Southern Graduate Institute of Natural Medical Science College of Integrated and Alternative Medicine, and he is widely respected internationally for his work in computerized bio-energetic medicine.
Dr. Smith is the designer of bio diagnostic database used to investigate pathology and eliminate medical guesswork. He is well known for his protocols and diagnostic skills in advanced medicine, which have helped thousands of patients with so called incurable conditions. He is also the inventor of Brainwave Therapy ™, one of the most powerful non-drug healing systems/protocols ever discovered. Our patients are provided with:
Non-pharmaceutical solutions to the root causes of their medical problems where necessary, balanced integrative solutions-working closely with experienced medical doctors in combining alternative as well as traditional health care,
Access to trained on-call assistants who will provide support and encouragement, facilitating compliance by promoting healthy and necessary adjustments for individual success,
Links to laboratory and hospital services-including bloodless medical care and facilitating alternatives to chemotherapy,
Links to tourism service providers for our offshore patients,
Benefit from digital EAV diagnostics employing high technology, smart software.
Dr. Smith believes that a significant facilitator for healing is the empowerment and freedom that comes from gaining a deeper understanding of one’s ailment as specific to each individual.
With the aid of visual technology combined with his unique ability to illustrate complex bio-chemical conditions, he provides his patients with clarity, shedding light on the “behind-the-scenes” causes of the symptoms they experience.
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