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NmarC Nursing Services36 Young St - Spanish Town
Phone: +1 876-907-4362

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Nursing Homes NMarc offers nursing services in patient's homes, hospitals, doctors offices, events etc. NmarC is the most reliable private home healthcare provider in Jamaica catering to the patient's individual needs and providing the best customer service experience. At NmarC we bring quality home healthcare right to your door so you heal faster in a comfortable and familiar environment. Our Caregivers are reliable, trustworthy, attentive and compassionate in meeting the needs of patients.
Our health care professionals undergo an in-depth interview process, thorough background checks, work history and reference verification. We assess their skills regularly and provide ongoing training and education, so they have latest treatment practices and technologies.
NmarC supplies a comprehensive range of tools and accessories for nursing students and hospital nurses, clinics, care homes, general practices and community workers.
Our store ensures that midwives, nurses and caregivers can choose from a range of products selected to meet their daily needs and our exacting quality standards. Products include scrubs, nurses watch, tourniquet, nurses scissors, blood pressure monitors, sphyg kits, a comprehensive range of nurses stethoscopes including the market leading Littman brand, a range of dual-tube Sprague stethoscopes and lightweight dual-head versions that help reduce neck strain.
NmarC, offers a large selection of scrubs, footwear, equipment and accessories. We offer quality and value with professional and caring customer service. We are committed to helping you deliver best patient care possible by equipping you with everything you need to confidently provide the highest possible level of patient care.
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