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The Solomon Sanctuary11 Camperdown Road, Lincoln Courts, Apartment 8 - Kingston
Phone: (876) 867-6364
Mobile: (876) 867-6364

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The Solomon Sanctuary distributes premium quality nutritional supplements, and beauty, home, and personal care products for everyone. The hub of our operations is in Jamaica. Also, we serve our valued clients across the Caribbean, Canada, and the United States of America. We facilitate single purchases, as well as bulk purchases.
For our Jamaican clientele, we are excited to relate that you may request our delightful, personalised gift bags, gift boxes, or gift baskets for any occasion, season, or reason. As we love to be creative and aim to exceed customers' satisfaction, we use a variety of packaging for our gifts.
At The Solomon Sanctuary, we treasure your peace of mind and are delighted to serve you. We do "Amway, your way."
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