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Ravishing Botanics9 Lady Huggins Avenue - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-446-4664

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Ravishing Botanics specializes in pampering your mind, body and spirit with wonderful, handmade soaps, bath & body and skin care products made with the finest natural oils and ingredients.
We pride ourselves in providing cruelty free products as well as many natural blends.
From start to finish, every detail is perfected by hand.
We use only natural herbs and oils most found in Jamaica each day we harvest herbs from our local trees to provide you with the most fresh, beautiful skin care products you can find.
Our products are of the highest quality, are very richly formulated and extremely gentle.
We provide Jamaicans with high quality, large quantity and great affordability in the best skin care, bath and body product line available locally.
We do not dilute our ingredients so in every batch you get the full power of nature which gives you the best results you can find in a 100 % natural skin care line.
Contact us today!!
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