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OXX SystemShop #3 7-9 Ardenne Road - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-631-8148
Mobile: +1 876-545-8748

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OXX System Ltd. is a Hair product line that incorporates Natural Ingredients, Protective Headgear and Unique, Unfamiliar Methodologies in order to garner Ultimate Hair-care results.
Regardless of Hair type or texture, this System, in its entirety, is able to deposit, retain and maintain Hair.
Our delivery is to start with Core "Facts" about Hair Strands and then to Systematically
and Intently ensure the "Ultimate Finished Look".
Furthermore, we realize the damage mechanical manipulation causes. As such, encouragement of no brushing, less combing and unnecessary stress to the hair is insisted upon.
Correctly follow the steps...Prepare to be transformed!
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