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Jus Natural Hair StudioShop #45 Pulse Complex, 38A Trafalgar Road - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-906-0400
Mobile: +1876-364-9170

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After recognizing the frustration that their natural haired brothers and sisters peers were having trying to manage and care for their locked or afro hair, Princess Dunn and Trudy Greenland, both with dreadlocks for over twenty years, decided to create a space dedicated to individuals wanting to enhance and maintain their natural hair. Jus Natural Hair studio is a unique unisex salon that seeks to educate and serve clients about the many benefits of natural hair. Our services range from locking and lock maintenance, plaiting, corn rowing, twisting, braiding to shampooing and natural hair treatments.
With their motto ‘bringing your roots to life’ along with a team of experienced staff, Jus Natural Hair Studio make persons feel comfortable with the decision to go natural or to sport dreadlocks. At our salon no one leaves without a style. We believe that the widely held notion that natural hair is not flexible or stylish needs to be dispelled. In everything we do we maintain the fundamental principle of our organization, that is, there is no better beauty than your natural beauty.
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