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Choose Life Nutrition Herbal Research Cen Ltd17 Sandringham Av - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-754-2712
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Mobile: +1 876-543-4965
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 Choose Life Nutrition Herbal Research Centre Limited’s goal is to assist you in achieving the highest state of wellness possible by teaching, directing and implementing the simple techniques necessary for attaining and maintaining the enjoyment of your new found wealth in health.
After a consultation session is completed, a programme is planned for each individual patient’s needs.
This will include a meal plan and Choose Life herbal products.
In-house services
• One-day fast
• Three-day fast
• Seven to 21 days of therapy
Our programmes and services are specially designed and include:
• Iridology consultation (see video)
•Nutritional consultation
• Physical examination
• Blood chemistry
• Detoxification
• Lymph flush
• Gall bladder
• Stop-smoking plan
• Pre-pregnancy
Our therapies include:
• Chronotherapy
• Hydro-therapy
• Rife therapy
• Ion cleanse
• Body reflex normalisation
• Colon cleansing
• Reflexology
• Massage
• Sauna/heat therapy
• Facials/JaHara Cosmetics
• Cell R&H therapy
Our clinic includes the following:
• Pain
• Chronic & acute conditions
• Diabetes
• Blood pressure
• Skin care
• Asthma
Dr Fowler and her staff will give you 90 days of guidance to make a healing difference in your life
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