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Maverley Primary & Junior High33 West Main Drive - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-933-0638

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Maverley Primary and Junior High School is a learning institution which caters to the
educational, personal, social and moral development of our students. Our school caters to over 650 students from various volatile communities.
Maverley Primary and Junior High was established in 1955 and is located at 33 West Main Drive, Kingston 20 in St. Andrew, Jamaica, West Indies. It was in response to the needs of the growing population in the area that the school was built where it was known as Maverley Elementary School. In 1957 the name of the school was changed from Maverley Elementary School to Maverley All Age. However by 1998 the school name was once again change to facilitate the Reform Secondary Education (ROSE) project. The school has since then been named as Maverley Primary and Junior High. The Principals who has dedicated their time and service to this institution include:
1. Rev. S.O. Beckles - 1955-1957
2. Mr. C. Withworth - 1957 - 1965
3. Mr. C. McBean - 1965-1972
4. Mr. Green - 1972-1980
5. Mrs. L. Walters-Ellis - 1980 - 1985
6. Mrs. Y. Morgan - 1986 - 1989
7. Mrs. B. Montaque - 1989 - 1996
8. Mr. E. Downes 1996 - 2003
9. Mrs. D. Taylor - 2003 - presently
Some other renown keepers of the gate of Mverley Primary and Junior High include names like Mrs. Yvonne Cover, Miss Dawn Gunter past Vice Principal and other dedicated educators and Board Members. Mr. Lloyd Davis our late Chairman and Justice of the Peace has also dedicated several years of outstanding service to the school and the wider community
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