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One on One Educational Services Ltd60 Knutsford Boulevard - Kingston
Phone: + 1 876 613 3750
Phone: +1 876 613 9198

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One-on-One Educational Services Limited is a Kingston based company which provides personalized educational services and e-learning solutions to over 200 students secondary school students and 3 corporate entities.
Over the years, the company has maintained a very high standard of academic excellence for our unique Class-of-10 brand, maintaining a 97-100% pass rate; in 2014 the company recorded 100% passes in CSEC Mathematics from the 95 students taking the exam, including the top national award for CSEC Mathematics being awarded our students.
The concept of One-on-One is to inspire students to learn through mentorship, innovation and quality lessons that are delivered in a personalized environment. Furthermore, a key element of the program is to use the life story of our Managing Director, Ricardo D. Allen, to motivate students to be great.
In May 2013, the company embarked on a mission to leverage the successes of the Class-of-10 brand to deliver personalized e-learning courses for students and corporate entities.
The vision was shared and further funded by a pool of five (5) investors in August of the same year.
The company received additional funding in May 2014 to develop its e-learning platform. This round of financing facilitated the company expansion into the e-learning business by leveraging our 'personal' concept to create a number of e-learning courses and Platforms. As a result, the company has developed a number of e-learning courses and tis fall, will be launching our revolutionary e-Learning Platform, One-on-One MyLocker, which is designed to change the face of the e-learning Industry in Jamaica and by extension, the Caribbean. 
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