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Errol Flynn MarinaPort Antonio
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We’re very proud to welcome you to one of the most spectacular destinations in the Caribbean, Port Antonio, Jamaica and our world-class Errol Flynn Marina!
Tucked away in the northeast corner of the island just off the Windward Passage, Errol Flynn Marina’s namesake once described our location as more beautiful than any woman I have ever seen . We are sure that you will agree.
This is truly the “Other Side of Jamaica” with an authenticity that resonates in its very soul; the azure sea and the verdant hills today still mesmerize many a visitor.
Port Antonio’s natural wonders, exquisite beaches, and wide variety of land excursions makes it a perfect yachting destination. If you seek adventure, romance, or an opportunity to chill out then Port Antonio is as close to Utopia as you’ll get.
Security is everyone’s concern and it is important to note that Portland Parish, wherein Port Antonio is located, enjoys one of the lowest crime rates in the Caribbean.
Port Antonio is a charming town that offers our guests a entrée into the natural world. Whether you choose to experience adventure in the Blue Mountains or to feel the magic of the calming “bottomless” Blue Lagoon, we’re sure you will agree that we live in one of the most beautiful regions of the Caribbean, bar none; We look forward to sharing our bit of paradise with you.
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