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POstal Code in Jamaica

A List of Postal Codes in Jamaica:
Kingston (KN):
(I am not sure about this list. While the General Post Office might serve as a regular Post Office, I am less sure that the Central Sorting Office does. You may confirm by calling the relevant post office; their 'phone numbers are listed here.)
JMAKN01 Allman Town (Kingston 4 )
JMAKN02 Central Sorting Office
JMAKN03 Denham Town (Kingston 14)
JMAKN04 General Post Office
JMAKN05 Port Royal (Kingston 1)
JMAKN06 Windward Road (Kingston 2)
St. Andrew (AW):
JMAAW01 Border
JMAAW02 Bull Bay
JMAAW03 Constant Spring (Kingston 8)
JMAAW04 Cross Roads (Kingston 5)
JMAAW05 Dallas
JMAAW06 Gordon Town
JMAAW07 Hagley Park (Kingston 11)
JMAAW08 Half-Way-Tree (Kingston 10)
JMAAW09 Harbour View (Kingston 17)
JMAAW10 Jones Town (Kingston 12)
JMAAW11 Lawrence Tavern
JMAAW12 Liguanea (Kingston 6)
JMAAW13 Mavis Bank
JMAAW14 Meadowbridge (Kingston 19)
JMAAW15 Mona (Kingston 7)
JMAAW16 Mount James
JMAAW17 Red Hills
JMAAW18 Stony Hill (Kingston 9)
JMAAW19 St. Peters
JMAAW20 Vineyard Town (Kingston 3)
JMAAW21 Western District (Kingston 20)
JMAAW22 Whitfield Town (Kingston 13)
JMAAW23 Woodford
St. Catherine (CE):
JMACE01 Above Rocks
JMACE02 Bartons
JMACE03 Bellas Gate
JMACE04 Bog Walk
JMACE05 Bridegeport
JMACE06 Browns Hall
JMACE07 Bushy Park
JMACE08 Ewarton
JMACE09 Ginger Ridge
JMACE10 Glengoffe
JMACE11 Gregory Park
JMACE12 Guanaboa Vale
JMACE13 Greater Portmore
JMACE14 Harewood
JMACE15 Harkers Hall
JMACE16 Linstead
JMACE17 Lluidas Vale
JMACE18 Old Harbour
JMACE19 Old Harbour Bay
JMACE20 Pear Tree Grove
JMACE21 Point Hill
JMACE22 Redwood
JMACE23 Riversdale
JMACE24 Sligovale
JMACE25 Spanish Town 1
JMACE26 Troja
JMACE27 Waterford
JMACE28 Water Mount
St. Mary (MY):
JMBMY01 Albany
JMBMY02 Annotto Bay
JMBMY03 Belfield
JMBMY04 Bonny Gate
JMBMY05 Boscobel
JMBMY06 Brainerd
JMBMY07 Carron Hall
JMBMY08 Castleton
JMBMY09 Clonmel
JMBMY10 Enfield
JMBMY11 Free Hill
JMBMY12 Gayle
JMBMY13 Guys Hill
JMBMY14 Hampstead
JMBMY15 Highgate
JMBMY16 Islington
JMBMY17 Labyrinth
JMBMY18 Long Road
JMBMY19 Lucky Hill
JMBMY20 Oracabessa
JMBMY21 Pembroke Hall
JMBMY22 Port Maria
JMBMY23 Retreat
JMBMY24 Tower Isle
JMBMY25 Richmond
JMBMY26 Union Hill
Portland (PD):
JMBPD01 Balcarres
JMBPD02 Bangor Ridge
JMBPD03 Buff Bay
JMBPD04 Comfort Castle
JMBPD05 Fairy Hill
JMBPD06 Fellowship
JMBPD07 Fruitful Vale
JMBPD08 Green Hill
JMBPD09 Hectors River
JMBPD10 Hope Bay
JMBPD11 Long Bay
JMBPD12 Manchioneal
JMBPD13 Moore Town
JMBPD14 Orange Bay
JMBPD15 Port Antonio
JMBPD16 Priestman's River
JMBPD17 Prior Park
JMBPD18 St. Margaret's Bay
JMBPD19 Skibo
JMBPD20 Spring Hill
JMBPD21 Swift River
JMBPD22 Windsor Castle
St. Thomas (TS):
JMBTS01 Bath
JMBTS02 Cedar Valley
JMBTS03 Dalvey
JMBTS04 Golden Grove
JMBTS05 Hagley Gap
JMBTS06 Llandewey
JMBTS07 Lysons
JMBTS08 Morant Bay
JMBTS09 Port Morant
JMBTS10 Seaforth
JMBTS11 Spring Garden
JMBTS12 Sunning Hill
JMBTS13 Trinityville
JMBTS14 White House
JMBTS15 Wilmington
JMBTS16 Yallahs
St. Ann (AN):
JMCAN01 Alexandria
JMCAN02 Bamboo
JMCAN03 Bensonton
JMCAN04 Blackstonedge
JMCAN05 Borobridge
JMCAN06 Browns Town
JMCAN07 Calderwood
JMCAN08 Cave Valley
JMCAN09 Claremont
JMCAN10 Discovery Bay
JMCAN11 Epworth
JMCAN12 Gibraltor
JMCAN13 Inverness
JMCAN14 Keith
JMCAN15 Laughlands
JMCAN16 Lime Hall
JMCAN17 Lodge
JMCAN18 Moneague
JMCAN19 Ocho Rios
JMCAN20 Runaway Bay
JMCAN21 St. Ann's Bay
JMCAN22 Salisbury
JMCAN23 Steer Town
JMCAN24 Walkerswood
JMCAN25 Watt Town
JMCAN26 Wild Cane
Trelawny (TY):
JMCTY01 Albert Town
JMCTY02 Bunkers Hill
JMCTY03 Clarks Town
JMCTY04 Deeside
JMCTY05 Duanvale
JMCTY06 Duncans
JMCTY07 Falmouth
JMCTY08 Hampden
JMCTY09 Jackson Town
JMCTY10 Lorrimers
JMCTY11 Rio Bueno
JMCTY12 Sawyers
JMCTY13 Sherwood Content
JMCTY14 Stewart Town
JMCTY15 Troy
JMCTY16 Ulster Spring
JMCTY17 Wait-A-Bit
JMCTY18 Wakefield
JMCTY19 Warsop
St. James (JS):
JMCJS01 Adelphi
JMCJS02 Anchovy
JMCJS03 Cambridge
JMCJS04 Catadupa
JMCJS05 Granville
JMCJS06 Half Moon
JMCJS07 Hopeton
JMCJS08 Johns Hall
JMCJS09 Little River
JMCJS10 Lottery
JMCJS11 Maroon Town
JMCJS12 Montego Bay 1
JMCJS13 Montego Bay 2
JMCJS14 Montpellier
JMCJS15 Mont Horeb
JMCJS16 Point
JMCJS17 Reading
JMCJS18 Salt Spring
JMCJS19 Sign
JMCJS20 Somerton
JMCJS21 Stonehedge
JMCJS22 Welcomd Hall
JMCJS23 White Sands
Hanover (HR):
JMCHR01 Askenish
JMCHR02 Cascade
JMCHR03 Cessnock
JMCHR04 Chester Castle
JMCHR05 Dias
JMCHR06 Great Valley
JMCHR07 Green Island
JMCHR08 Hopewell
JMCHR09 Jericho
JMCHR10 Ken Jones
JMCHR11 Lucea
JMCHR12 March Town
JMCHR13 Maryland
JMCHR14 Mount Peto
JMCHR15 Ramble
JMCHR16 Sandy Bay
Westmoreland (WD):
JMDWD01 Beeston Spring
JMDWD02 Bethel Town
JMDWD03 Bluefields
JMDWD04 Carmel
JMDWD05 Cave
JMDWD06 Cornwall Mountain
JMDWD07 Darliston
JMDWD08 Friendship
JMDWD09 Frome
JMDWD10 Glenislay
JMDWD11 Grange Hill
JMDWD12 Lambs River
JMDWD13 Little London
JMDWD14 Negril
JMDWD15 Petersfield
JMDWD16 St. Leonards
JMDWD17 Savanna-La-Mar
JMDWD18 Shefield
JMDWD19 White House
St. Elizabeth (EH):
JMDEH01 Aberdeen
JMDEH02 Balaclava
JMDEH03 Black River
JMDEH04 Braes River
JMDEH05 Brighton
JMDEH06 Elderslie
JMDEH07 Fyffes Pen
JMDEH08 Giddy Hall
JMDEH09 Junction
JMDEH10 Lacovia
JMDEH11 Maggotty
JMDEH12 Malvern
JMDEH13 Middle Quarters
JMDEH14 Mountainside
JMDEH15 Munroe College
JMDEH16 Myersville
JMDEH17 Nain
JMDEH18 New Market
JMDEH19 Pepper
JMDEH20 Rose Hall
JMDEH21 Santa Cruz
JMDEH22 Siloah
JMDEH23 Southfield
JMDEH24 Springfield
JMDEH25 Top Hill
JMDEH26 Treasure Beach
Manchester (MR):
JMDMR01 Auchtembeddie
JMDMR02 Banana Ground
JMDMR03 Christiana
JMDMR04 Coleyville
JMDMR05 Comfort Hall
JMDMR06 Craighead
JMDMR07 Cross Keys
JMDMR08 Devon
JMDMR09 Ellen Street
JMDMR10 Harmons
JMDMR11 Harry Watch
JMDMR12 Hat Field
JMDMR13 Kirkvine
JMDMR14 Knockpatrick
JMDMR15 Lincoln
JMDMR16 Maidstone
JMDMR17 Mandeville
JMDMR18 Mile Gully
JMDMR19 Newport
JMDMR20 Old England
JMDMR21 Porus
JMDMR22 Pratville
JMDMR23 Shooters Hill
JMDMR24 Spur Tree
JMDMR25 Walderston
JMDMR26 Watson Hill
JMDMR27 Williamsfield
Clarendon (CN):
JMDCN01 Aenon Town
JMDCN02 Alley
JMDCN03 Alston
JMDCN04 Beckford Kraal
JMDCN05 Chapleton
JMDCN06 Colonels Ridge
JMDCN07 Crofts Hill
JMDCN08 Crooked River
JMDCN09 Denbigh
JMDCN10 Four Path
JMDCN11 Frankfield
JMDCN12 Grantham
JMDCN13 James Hill
JMDCN14 Hayes
JMDCN15 Kellits
JMDCN16 Lionel Town
JMDCN17 May Pen
JMDCN18 Milk River
JMDCN19 Mocho
JMDCN20 Osbourne Store
JMDCN21 Race Course
JMDCN22 Richmond Park
JMDCN23 Rock River
JMDCN24 Smithville
JMDCN25 Spaldings
JMDCN26 Thompson Town
JMDCN27 Toll Gate
JMDCN28 Trout Hall
JMDCN29 Wood Hall