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Little Ochie Seafood RestaurantAlligator Pond - Alligator Pond
Phone: +1 876-610-9692
Mobile: +1 876-852- 6430

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Little Ochie was opened by Evrol Blackie in 1989. He started with a dream to serve people with the finest quality of seafood, and our hardworking team of 30 talented people has now made it a reality.
We are all a part of the local community and understand the food well.
Our experience has helped us to understand the flavours that you all love.
The quality of our traditionally made food has encouraged people to travel miles.
We ensure that you enjoy every bite. The view from our restaurant simply adds to the joy of eating freshly caught and cooked seafood.
Blackie is still very much at the helm though, and sure to be there to spice-up your meal with all his secret ingredients.
For over ten years Little Ochie's talented team of young chefs have charmed diners with their exquisite creations, and what started out as every seafood lovers secret place in Alligator Pond, Manchester, is now an internationally known great place to eat.
Little Ochie is a world where steamed snapper is doused in secret sauces and accompanied by carrots, potatoes and okras.
You'll also find succulent lobster, sauteed in garlic butter, or curry sauce combined with jerk shrimp.
Get away from the hustle and bustle of the urban areas and come and relax in this great atmosphere of ambiance.
We are open Monday to Saturday 8.30am10.30pm.
We also have a family fun and retreat area and an attractive conference facility with a great ocean view.
Loyal and devoted subjects from near and far come to savour authentic Jamaican seafood, our style!
So, when you next feel the vibe to experience Jamaica's real side, join us at Little Ochie - it's an experience that's well worth the trip.
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