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Scotchies Kingston152-154 Constant Spring Road - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-630-8131

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Scotchies Kingston is an oasis that provides a beautiful, rustic, green space with great service, great prices and the high-quality food for which Scotchies everywhere is known.
The large well stocked bar boasts four large flat-screen televisions and lots of space.
The well-trained team makes customers feel welcome from arrival to departure.
Located at the entrance of the Constant Spring Golf Club, beside Immaculate, it is perfectly positioned to be your any day stop or weekend haunt.
This is a wonderful experience that you have to try for yourself.
Wheel and come again, indeed! Scotchies has returned to Kingston with quiet confidence but, this time, in a mint location: adjacent to the Constant Spring Golf Club.
The oasis offers a respite to those fighting a losing battle with Corporate Area traffic as well as those in search of delicious jerk.
Scotchies Kingston has seating for 300 people and ample parking.
Restaurant management has even struck a deal with the golf club to allow customers to park their vehicles there at night.
Guests can have a drink and meal while watching sports on the flat-screen televisions at the bar.
Or, grab a table in one of the aptly named gazebos: Scotch, Bonnet, Pepper or Sauce.
There's also a top-notch sound system, to boot the finest of details were paid to the design and construction of the restaurant.
From the handicap-accessible washrooms to the camouflaged gate in the fence that allows older guests to enter the restaurant without having to walk from the parking, to the well-appointed takeout ordering and pick-up windows, this space flows and works well.
It's been about a year in the works and a lot of preparation has gone into the location.
We have done extensive staff training and testing of our systems to ensure that there's an efficient ordering process.
Friendly and efficient staff and a streamlined ordering process.
Upon arrival, you are promptly greeted and warmly welcomed.
Each interaction genuine and unrehearsed. There were even umbrellas to shield the rain as diners were escorted to their cars.
As it was previously said: the finest of details. Speaking of luxuries, Scotchies Kingston will soon launch a kerbside delivery service.
Call ahead to place your order, drive up and give them a ring, and someone will take your order and the card-processing machine right to your car window!
Whether you're in pajamas or have on manicure slippers that prevent you from walking on gravel, Scotchies will take care of you.
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