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Blue Hole Mineral SpringBrighton District - Brighton
Phone: +1 876-860-8805

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Blue Hole Mineral Spring is an attraction and resort hotel located in Brighton District, Westmoreland (only 6 miles southeast of Negril).
Blue Hole Mineral Spring sits beneath a cavernous opening in Jamaica’s terrain and is completely encased by Karst limestone. Naturally occurring minerals in the limestone (known for their therapeutic value) act as an underground filter for the steady up-welling of water, leaving behind a luxuriously pure bath of minerals for guests to enjoy.
Call the friendly staff at Blue Hole Mineral Spring today at 876-860-8805 or at 954-353-5392. If you don't get an answer, please leave a voicemail message. Sometimes the phone signal is poor, but we will always call you back.
Thanks for making time to learn more about us.
General Information
In addition to the natural mineral spring, this attraction also offers:
- Natural mineral spring water swimming pool
- Blue Hole mineral scrubs
- Spa and massage services
- Bar / grill / restaurant
- Beautiful gardens
- A beach sand volleyball court
- Hiking trails
- Breathtaking views
- Several shaded gazebos
- Numerous lounge chairs
- Horseback riding
- Table tennis
- 15 foot enclosed trampoline
- Small resort hotel with 10 rooms
- All inclusive packages available
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