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Security Administrators Ltd5 Third Street Newport West - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-923-4883

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Security Administrators Limited (SAL) was established in September 1987 by the three wharf companies operating in Kingston at the time.
It became a 100 percent subsidiary of Kingston Wharves Limited (KWL) when that company completed the acquisition of the shareholdings of the other wharf companies in 2000.
A new partnership developed in 2002, and SAL is now jointly owned by KWL and the Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ).
The company has been the leading provider of maritime security and related services in Jamaica and the region for over two decades.
SAL has become an integral part of the local shipping industry.
SAL is the main security provider at Port Bustamante, providing specialist anti-narcotic security on vessels both there and in Montego Bay.
We also offer services in CCTV monitoring, security management consultancy, port facility security assessments and plans.
As a City and Guilds appointed Training Centre, SAL provides certification training for security officers.
SAL also provides certification training in maritime security management under the endorsement of the Maritime Authority of Jamaica.
Mission statement
To be the leading provider of maritime security and related services in Jamaica
To create value for customers, shareholders and employees
To deliver quality services at international standards through well-trained and equipped staff, who consistently display the right attitude and epitomise discipline, accountability, professionalism and trustworthiness.
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