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Jr Security Company Ltd.20 1/2 Duke Street - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-948-6808
Phone: +1 876-783-7968
Mobile: +1 876-425-8676

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The safety of a state or organization against criminal activity such as terrorism, theft, or espionage. the comfort of being free from danger or threat, with personnel, training and management, which has made it the first choice among corporate and residential clients in need of proven effective security solutions.
Jr Security was founded by Peter Richardson, The company was established in 1993 destined to become the leading and most reliable security company in Jamaica.
The mission of Jr Security Company Ltd. is to ensure the security of our clients and their families. Jr Security also protects the integrity of our clients and investigates crimes against them committed by criminals.
Through leading-edge technology, a caring team, and unequaled expertise, we provide complete protection and contribute to your peace of mind.
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