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Digital Commodities Ltd4 Northend Place - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-960-8359
Mobile: +1 876-531-4978

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Digital Commodities Ltd. supply, install and service fire alarm systems, CCTV systems and access control systems, including electronic entry systems and door hardware in Kingston.
We are proud to have been looking after the safety of our customers and their homes and businesses for over 20 years.
We offer the following services:
Fire safety
Early smoke and heat detection can not only ensure minimal (or no) damage to property but can also save lives.
We carry an extensive array of quality of fire products geared towards early warning for fires.
CCTV Installation
With a wide range of CCTV cameras and DVRs and the ability to design systems that directly match the needs of our clients, Digital Commodities is proud to be able to offer peace of mind in a world where security is a major consideration.
By offering remote viewing options, that peace of mind can extend to when you’re at home, at work or even abroad.
Access Control
Limiting access to certain areas of your business can ensure that quality control is maintained, and also that personal security is assured.
Your security needs can be assessed by one of our trained technicians, whether it be a simple buzzer system or a more sophisticated digital keypad with hydraulic door closures, we will install the appropriate system.
Intrusion and Burglary Prevention
Whether it is auto, residential or commercial, we will install and customize alarm systems to meet your security needs.
While we cannot change the minds of those who wish to engage in theft, we can certainly deter them with our state of the art systems.
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