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RVM Cost Consultant19 Water Lane - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-971-0973

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RVM Cost Consultant is primarily a cost management firm within the construction industry, offering a wide range of Project Management Services, Cost Management and Cost Reporting, and Drafting Services.
The successful combination of these services is key to a successful project.
A Client’s need must be thoroughly discussed and explored by the Project Manager / Cost Consultant before any design is finalized. And drawings need to follow budgetary limit where applicable. A Cost Appraisal is especially important to do before finalizing designs for any work.
This critical first step advises the Client and all stakeholders of the feasibility and viability of any given project.
Cost appraisals may be in the form of a Preliminary Budget Estimate that may be based on mere outline drawings or sketches, and does not require full sets of working drawings to be prepared.
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