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People Centric Strategic HR SolutionsKingston - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-789-3163

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"The value of a business is a function of how well the financial capital and the intellectual capital are managed by the human capital. You'd better get the human capital part right.”
People Centric Strategic HR Solutions was born out of the passion and purpose of making people the best versions of themselves and for organizations to fully capitalize on the untapped potential and profitability of their human capital.
The brainchild of Anjell Bryan, People Centric, was engineered to
solve the Human and Customer Relations problems faced by businesses and make them industry-leaders in their fields. Our job is not only to offer advice, we execute, monitor and measure the success of the custom-built interventions for each organization.
Your organization is made up of PEOPLE and is about PEOPLE. Its founders, managers, team members, suppliers, customers – all People - and each person in that cumulative has exponential value. At People Centric, we unearth, hone, develop and showcase that value to the world – leading to individual, organizational and national success.
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