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Mona-Tech Engineering Services LtdThe University of the West Indies - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-977-3559

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The Mona-Tech Engineering Services is a commercial spin-off of the Mona School of Engineering.
It aims to provide first rate engineering services to local companies and simultaneously apprenticeship training for graduates thereby facilitating, for these students, an easy transfer from academic development into practical applications.
Mona-Tech will also develop and foster relationships with equipment manufacturers internationally thereby allowing this entity to provide servicing and training for specific products.
With this base Mona-Tech proposes to offer a wide range of engineering services locally, regionally and internationally. Some key benefits and features of Mona-Tech are:
* Job training/opportunities for engineering graduates
* Income generation for the UWI Mona campus
* First contact for providing engineering solutions and support
* Fostering entrepreneurship
* Subcontractor to support developing enterprises (developing variable expertise)
* Full maintenance services to UWI, UHWI and industry
* Solve national, regional and international problems in engineering
* Service contracts with industries
* Staff training by equipment manufacturers
* Partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers
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