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Geophysx Jamaica Ltd85 Hope Road - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-627-2878

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Geophysx Jamaica is an exploration junior searching locally for greenfield metallic discoveries. We are engaged in the largest and most comprehensive campaign in the history of the country.
In a little over 2 years, we have covered most of the island, including 30,000 assays to date.
We’ve employed local graduate geologists into our exploration teams and brought in expert geologists and explorationists from around the world to enhance their expertise.
We are founded and operated on sustainable principles - in how we operate in local communities, and how we conduct our exploration activities.
We operate to the highest international standards, whether required to or not, to maintain a strong reputation and a committed social license, including voluntarily submitting to and being licensed by NEPA, the local environmental and planning agency.
Besides traditional geochemistry and ground-based observation, we also employ novel assay methodologies, as well as modern ground and airborne geophysical techniques.
Going beyond the UAV “drone” surveys performed to date, we will shortly begin our helicopter geophysical campaign, and we also operate an in-house core sampling program, with two core drills.
As the result of a large and intense campaign, we are currently the largest license holder in the island with dozens of new interest areas in the country, including previously undocumented finds in the 30% of the island where the Cretaceous rocks are exposed in inliers, as well as several several significant areas of interest under the limestone veneer which accounts for 70% of Jamaica’s 11,000 square Kilometers - and which have never been explored before.
These new finds are currently being investigated further before drill testing.
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