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Angulu AssociatesSuite 12A 10 Hagley Park Road - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-754-3801

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Angulu Associates are a Land Survey consultancy firm headquartered at Suite 12A First Floor, 10 Hagley Park Road Kingston 10, Jamaica.
Our firm provides professional services in Topographical, Cadastral and Engineering Surveys as they relate to Land Development.
The Angulu Associates team has over forty years cumulative experience in the field of land surveying and mapping.
Our firm is well equipped with the state of the art instruments in the profession, to provide our clients with accurate and reliable information.
We have built a reputation for delivering assignments of a professional quality to our clients on a timely basis.
Angulu Associates provides services at competitive rates in fields listed below:
Topographical Surveys:
Provision of topographical maps using both aerial survey and ground survey methods.
Provision of large-scale maps for urban townships.
Provision of control network of photogrammetric mapping and cadastral surveys using GPS and other equipment.
Cadastral Surveys:
Preparation of pre-check plans for title registration.
Preparation of strata plans for registration of titles of apartments
Adjudication of boundaries.
Preparation of reports on property for mortgage purposes.
Geographic Information Systems and Digital Mapping
Engineering Surveys:
Designs and setting out of road junctions in urban townships.
Surveys for location, routing and design of highways
Setting out of drains, water pipelines and buildings.
Setting out of highways and train lines.
Surveys for sewage works.
Surveys for expansion of airports.
Volumetric surveys on quarry sites.
Provision of bill of quantities for road construction
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