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WAYMAH Ltd1 Paraiso Avenue - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-754-7634
Mobile: +1 876-564-5355

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Waymah Ltd has two divisions, Water and Waste Environmental Solutions and Construction Technologies.
The Water & Waste Environmental Solutions division is a specialist water & wastewater company, which uses advanced equipment and techniques to diagnose and resolve difficult water and wastewater issues.
With our technical capabilities we are able to provide an all inclusive service to the water and wastewater industries.
Our services include, but are not limited to: designing, constructing, operating, maintaining, rehabilitating, repairing and modifying various types of systems.
Our large arsenal of high tech equipment assures customers that we can resolve their most critical water and wastewater issues.
The Construction Technologies Division is a provider of Specialty products and services to the building and construction sector.
We offer high quality products at very competitive prices and stay current with the latest trend and technologies that becomes available.
Our products are selected from analyzing those of a similar nature and attending trade shows to get first hand information from both manufacturers and end users on their performance.
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