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Sal Reliable Garbage Disposal2 Clairdale Avenue - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-878-4421

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Sal Reliable Garbage Disposal (referred to as SRGD) is a company with heart, vision and sheer resilience.
It is a fast-growing multi-division organization based in St. Catherine and Kingston Jamaica W.I.
Founded by Lecia Bailey CEO/Owner.
This organization was incorporated on October 12, 2012and has remained 100% Jamaican owned and operated.
SRGD is known for its superior service, a tradition which is keenly protected by its management team.
The company’s leadership and style in turn fosters a highly loyal, dedicate and motivated. Staff is made up of approximately 10 employees.
The community and client base are also considerately loyal due to the value systems upheld and the company’s contribution to community empowerment.
SRGD believes in giving back to the community and a keen emphasis is placed on employment.
The company undertakes most employees from within the community in which it operates.
SRGD “Keeping the environment clean, healthy and safe”.
The customer service charter describes our commitment to service and outlines the overall standards of service you can expect to receive from SRGD.
By utilizing our company, clients are provided with peace of mind on all aspects of waste removal and disposal needs, by the provision of the best professional & quality service.
Striving for excellence through completing tasks with initiative,
enthusiasm drive and enjoyment.
Dealing in an open fair and ethical manner in all aspects of our lives.
Taking responsibility for our work.
Treating all people with respect and dignity.
Acting as one towards a shared purpose and common goal.
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