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Blaisegem's Media19 Parkington Plaza - Kingston
Phone: 876-968-0024

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Blaisegem's Media was founded to enhance and preserve moments that are most important to you.
We want you to exude love and happiness, so we tailor our services to achieve jus t that.
The images we capture, the music we make, and the advice we give, are specially tailored for your satisfaction.
In late 2012, an opportunity was identified within rural communities that had schools, churches, vibrant social cultures, and many individuals who captured memories and events using pocket cameras and camera phones. At this time, these communities had no internet service and no printery.
Our founder purchased a photography printer, ordered wireless internet service, then set off with some friends to promote printing and internet services.
Photography printing grew into photography, document printing was accompanied by document lamination, and as the years passed, the range of services expanded.
We incorporate creative, talented, ethical, and knowledgeable individuals of various ages and qualifications to gain a wide range of ideas.
We provide training in etiquette and financial management while we encourage a rich social and family life.
We are punctual, flexible, and confidential.
Our best people however, are you our current and prospective clients, who through your ideas and feedback have assisted us, and will continue to assist us to improve our offerings, thus allowing us to serve you better while contributing to a better society.
Above all other, we acknowledge our Creator, who we invite daily to guide us as we serve humanity.