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Angelbee Nursing Service27 Oakdene Avenue - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-420 6363
Mobile: +1 876-326 4784

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Angelbee Nursing Service (ANS) was established in March of 2011 with a mission to supply high quality, at-your-convenience, in-home nursing care, which has not been readily available locally.  

Our clients are of both genders and all ages; prefer the privacy and comfort of home and the familiarity of designated caregiver(s) to the sterile atmosphere of a care facility with shifting caregivers who rarely take the time to become familiar with his/her needs; may or may not have family members to provide direct care; have the option to chose where this care is accessed and prefer this to be home.

Our staff are prepared and reputed to provide the highest standard of care and are supported by an infrastructure to support this standard. 

Our service can be accesed for either long or short durations as well as for single procedures and escort services.
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