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Hope Caribbean Co25 Burlington Avenue - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-968-4976
Phone: +1 876-968-7859

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Hope Caribbean Co is a full scale market research company that conducts commercial and social research in the Caribbean and the Caribbean Diaspora in North America and the UK.
The company has its headquarters in Jamaica and has subsidiary offices in the USA (Florida) and Trinidad & Tobago.
We have provided market research services to many corporations (local & multinational), government ministries, government agencies and NGO's for over twenty years conducting various types of specialized research.
The company’s success is largely due to the effort and emphasis we place on our corporate governance, our research professionals expertise (research consultants, experienced moderators & interviewers), and the organizational processes to make all work together to deliver value for all our clients.
We also employ the use of relevant, cutting edge technology to assist in some aspects of the research process specifically in data collection, data analysis and mining.
It is the ability to define and identify marketing opportunities and problems, designing and evaluating marketing actions accordingly through research that is more important to the market research process.
It is primarily this factor through the company’s experienced and qualified employees and consultants that set us apart from many other research firms in the Caribbean.
The company is a fully computerize operation, equipped with Internet connections, multiple desktop stations, mobile computing solutions, various research software and on-site duplication facilities.
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