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Bartley's All In WoodCoolshade - Mandeville
Phone: +1 876-348-0934

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Located in Mandeville, the company was registered on December 16, 2011 and was borne from the family business Bartley’s Furniture. Much of the material used for Bartley’s All in Wood is obtained from recycled material.
Bartley’s designs, manufactures and sells quality 100% Jamaican handmade wooden traditional and contemporary furniture, jewellery and home accessories and headed by young Branson Centre Entrepreneur Lacey–Ann Bartley. Bartley’s is a social responsible business which provides employment for vulnerable populations and uses the off- cuts of furniture production.
Our 4 main collections: Lacey-Ann, Stanford Bartley, Carlene and Carlon as we aim to change the landscape of the Jamaican Furniture Industry while ‘using our business as a force for good’. Each collection is designed by and named after each member of the Bartley Family.
Our Collections:
Stanford Bartley: Fine Traditional Jamaica Furniture: Bedroom, Living Room and Custom Pieces
Lacey-Ann: ‘Exotic Wood’ & ‘Outta Many One Wood’: Pieces, Jewellery and Woogies
Carlene: Household Fixtures: Cupboards, Doors, Windows and Household Wares: Kitchen Line
Carlon: Corporate and Office Furniture, Contemporary Furniture, Occasional Furniture Company Promotional items and Office Collection
Located in Mandeville, the company was registered on December 16, 2011 and was borne from the family business Bartley’s Furniture. Each piece is a family effort and crafted with love. Our hallmark is quality finishes, and personalized service. We work with an array of wood types including: Cedar, Guango, Mahogany, Blue Mahoe, Poplar, Pine among others. Our products are designed and tested based on the feedback and demands from our customers. Our product line is expanded based on the suggestions of our clients. Our products from the Lacey- Ann and Carlene Collections are uniquely designed using the “Outta Many One Wood” concept (mixed wood) which is visually appealing and used by very few competitors. Much of the material used for Bartley’s jewellery and household items is obtained from the off cuts of furniture production. Our products can be found in over eight shops and salons island-wide.
Our custom made furniture are also handcrafted made from genuine Jamaican wood and feature both contemporary and traditional designs.
Outlets for our Lacey Ann and Carlene Collection:
- Things Jamaican, Devon House, NMIA & All Stores
- Proactive Lifestyle, Tropical Mall, Tropical Plaza
- Earth Elements, Constant Spring Road
-Prana Lifestyle, Grosvenor Galleries
- Beautiful Earth Natural Hair Haven 151 Constant Spring Road
- Best Expressions, Sovereign Centre, Kingston
- My Jamaica, Liguanea Plaza, Kingston
- Casa de Xaymaca, NMIA
Carlene: Household Fixtures: Cupboards, Doors, Windows and Home Accessories : Kitchen Line; Coasters, spoons, bowls
Our Services:
Furniture design, refinishing and repair
Custom furniture design and replication
Bartley’s – ‘All in Wood’
The mission of Bartley’s is to design and manufacture quality Jamaican Furniture and wood products to last a lifetime and to represent Brand Jamaica with highly motivated and professional employees working to provide excellent personalized customer service and social responsibility which includes training young people from vulnerable populations, sustainability and environmental conservation and impacting Jamaica's Furniture and Wood Products Industry.
Family+ Jamaica+ unique creative+ sustainability /green= Bartley’s
People ( Culture, Brand Jamaica, Training) + Planet (sustainability and environmental conservation) + Profit ( Increasing GDP through domestic production and export and Providing Salaries to locals)+ Passion + Partnership ( Branson Centre, JBDC) = Bartley's
We aim to expand the business and capitalize on the available market for Jamaican custom furniture and authentic Jamaican products. It is our long term objective to export to the Jamaican and Caribbean Diaspora. This growth in business will hopefully lead to an increase in jobs, revenue for our investors and foreign exchange for Jamaica.
The management team consistent of Lacey-Ann Bartley, owner and Stanford Bartley, supervisor and skilled craftsman with thirty years of experience. Ms. Bartley has a Bachelor’s degree in Operations Management, has experience in planning and coordination and is a part of the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship- Caribbean.
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