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ECHOS Consulting Ltd3rd Floor 11 Northside Drive - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-633-2467

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ECHOS is a full-service alternative energy and environmental risk management firm.
Our clients and partners span the globe and our services are developed, supported and delivered to international standards.
We deliver alternative energy solutions for cooling, heating and or electricity supply to commercial and residential interests across the Caribbean through solar and waste-to-energy technologies from project development to commissioning.
Our focus on quality equipment, cutting-edge engineering design, and a modern project management approach, ensures that we deliver what the competition cannot.
ECHOS also delivers complete environmental risk management and or EH&S program development activities [primarily] to the food and hospitality industry with our suite of Cristal International Standards services.
We continuously increase the positive impacts to the environment and our guidance increases the safety, efficiency, and quality of output in our clients’ workspaces.
Because of this our clients have only positive reviews about our services.
In effect, we are engaged by the challenge of propelling our clients into becoming more responsible corporate citizens through programs driven by accountability and the clients' own commitment and momentum.
Most importantly, our clients never have to compromise on the quality of the products and services they offer to their clients.
ECHOS has developed processes that allow clients to achieve their goals with consistent, systematic, long-term business approach that exists and grows with the organisation as a fixture within the natural operation of the organisation.
We build sustainability into the DNA of our clients.
Sustainability Footprinting (Energy, Water and Waste); Green (Sustainable) Building Design; Solar PV Systems (Residential, Commercial, Utility); Energy Audits & Assessments.
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