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Woman Inc 4 Ellesmere Road, Kgn 10 - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-929-9038

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WOMAN INC. is a voluntary, non-profit, non-governmental organisation [NGO], founded in 1984. It draws upon the creative energies of women from all walks of life that are dedicated to providing assistance to victims of rape, incest, domestic crisis, sexual harassment at the workplace. and domestic violence. The organisation operates through various sub-committees: Facilities, Fundraising, Legal Reform, Public Relations and Public Education. There is an Executive Committee, which is elected each year at an Annual General Meeting. This committee establishes and monitors all policies governing organisational activities.
The organisational services consist of The Crisis Centre; a Crisis Shelter; a 24-hour Hotline; a Public Education Programme aimed at Primary and Secondary Schools, community groups, church groups, and the general public; a Legal Reform Committee that lobbies for Legislative change and a Resource Room. In addition, the Organisation provides, through its Public Education Programme, sensitisation training for members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.
WOMAN INC is committed to strengthening the position of Jamaican women through providing support services, public education,and by lobbying for legislative change.
The mission of Woman Inc. is carried out in two major ways:
  1. Through counselling and assistance to abused women 
  2. Through public education – which in the long run will reduce incidents of abuse to women and gender based violence against women.
Aims & Objectives
  • To deal with problems relating to rape, incest and domestic violence. 
  • To develop self awareness, self healing, coping and survival skills in women. 
  • To build the self esteem and independence of women. 
  • To maintain a Crisis Centre and Crisis Shelter 
  • To raise the funds necessary to maintain the Crisis Centre and the Crisis Shelter, via the Annual Trade Fair and by any other means possible. 
  • To make women aware of their hidden potential through the annual fund-raising Trade Fair and Exhibition, which also provides a variety of functional learning experiences. 
  • To encourage the media to portray a realistic and positive image of the Jamaican woman. 
  • To provide, through public education, awareness of existing problems of women in Jamaica and to raise the consciousness of men and the public at large, regarding attitudes, feelings and situations that contribute to aggressive behaviour. 
  • To collaborate with existing social services in cases where they can provide assistance. 
  • To encourage police sensitivity in dealing with victims of rape, incest and domestic violence. 
  • To generate interest for change and improvement in the areas of education, health, and legal services. 
  • To utilise the information gained through the operation of the Centre to encourage legislative change and policy reforms on problems affecting women.

4 Ellesmere Road, Kingston 10
Phone: (876) 929 9038
Email: [email protected]
Open: The services provided by Woman Inc. are not only "day-to-day' – but a 24-hour operation (Kingston only) as it relates to the provisioning of counseling.
It operates Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.
4 Ellesmere Road, Kingston 10
Phone: (876) 929 9038
Open: The services provided by Woman Inc. are not only "day-to-day' – but a 24-hour operation (Kingston only) as it relates to the provisioning of counseling.
It operates Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.
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