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"Bringing Young People and their Communities Together with Hope"
Based in Trench Town, Jamaica, Fusion Caribbean is a small Christian charity that has been working in West Kingston since 2004. Fusion works with young people (age 12 – 17) and children (age 4 – 11) as well as working with their families, peers, schools, and wider community. This is to encourage change in the external factors that influence these children and young people, while at the same time encouraging internal character development for them as individuals. Fusion works through a voluntary full time team, working alongside part time volunteers, including many of the young people themselves, local church members, local community members and staff from schools and other organizations.
The aims of Fusion Caribbean’s work are to:
· Provide positive mentoring and role modeling for children and young people through a range of creative, recreational and educational programs that seek to improve both character and competence, giving opportunities to grow personally and also contribute to the lives of others through service.
· Improve family life through opportunities for positive interaction between parents and children, and through offering training and support for parents.
· Increase cooperative interaction in the wider community through corporate events of celebration. (Festivals, Pageants etc.)
· Break down barriers between different communities and build positive inter-community relationships.
· Conduct ongoing research into the needs and the resources of the communities where we work, so we have an accurate measure of the issues and the impact of different interventions. To share findings and recommendations from this research with other organizations and stakeholders in order to help build relationships, partnerships and coordinated responses.
· Offer accredited and practical training in youth and community work, using West Kingston as a training ground for others from around the Caribbean and the world.
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