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Jamaica cocoa Farmers’ AssociationUnit 27 Seymour Park, 2 Seymour Avenue - Kingston
Phone: +1 876-946-1768
Phone: +1 876-978-1120

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The JCFA was formed in May 2008 as a non-profit farmers’ organization to pursue a farmer-centered approach towards the sustainable development of the cocoa sector in Jamaica. As part of this effort, treat the JCFA has developed a plan to empower cocoa communities to participate in a deregulated cocoa industry. To support implementation of this plan, the JCFA has received USAID funding to establish cocoa fermenting and drying facilities (“FSD’s”) in selected communities; develop protocols or procedures for the traceable acquisition, fermentation and drying of wet cocoa; develop and implement a community-based management structure for the operation at each of the processing facilities; train stakeholders in the use, management and maintenance of the facilities; assist farmers with the rehabilitation of their cocoa fields and stimulate a renewed interest in cocoa farming.
The Jamaica Cocoa Farmers’ Association (JCFA) will achieve this through improved technology; technical assistance education and training. This will enable its members to participate effectively in a deregulated cocoa industry.
The goal is to help resuscitate the cocoa industry in Jamaica, and in particular, for cocoa produced at the JCFA FSD’s to be collected, prepared, exported, and marketed internationally in a transparent and efficient manner in order to pay farmers up to 80% of the FOB price and thus ensure the industry’s sustainability.
  • Increase Cocoa production & Industry Productivity
  • Rehabilitate dormant Cocoa Orchards
  • Encourage the formation of local processors to create a Jamaican Cocoa brand
  • Increase total acreage of cocoa orchards
  • Reform the Industry so as to maximize the income for stakeholders.
  • Establish best practices for farming Cocoa.
  • Promote Organic farming practices.
  • Minimize waste throughout the value chain.
  • Establish quality and traceability standards
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