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New Image Talent & Modeling Agency5 Sandringham Avenue - Kingston
Phone: 876-538-7568

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New Image Talent &Modelling Agency is one of the leading companies in Jamaica.
We inspire today’s youths to unmask their unique and wonderful gifts and show the world what they are capable of.
We believe that expressing your true self is the perfect way to make a name in the world.
Our company boosts young children and teenagers from ages 3-16 years, and mature boys and girls from ages 17-25 years.
Our team of friendly and experienced teachers foster talented individuals in sign language, poetry, music, dance, visual arts, speech, grooming and modelling.
It’s time to express yourself, and sprinkle on the world the unique magic that is inside you!
Our expertise lies in:
If you or your child has an interest in developing skills from a scribbler to an accomplished poet, you have come to just the right place
For souls that only music soothes, our qualified music teachers train both children and adults in the technique and artistry of music
If you love to dance, but lack confidence, visit us and meet our trained dance teachers.
They’ll teach you to rock and roll
Grooming and modelling:
It’s time to flaunt if you have the style and looks.
Our make-up artists will groom and guide you through different stages of modelling.
Exhibit your inner personality!
Give us a call today.
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