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York Castle HighTop Road Browns Town - Brown
Phone: +1 876-975-2217

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Since 1876, the York Castle High School has lived its mission of providing an exceptional Christian, student centred, supportive and performance driven environment for quality learning.
The students of York Castle High exemplify the highest standards of academic learning, social responsibility, and moral self-discipline.
To achieve greatness and excellence, we expect our students to courageously and purposefully pursue their goals. Our founding fathers were inspired by God to create this learning institution, and so we believe that our God should remain at the helm of the learning experience at the York Castle High School.
It is my hope that you will be an active member of the York Castle community and that we will work together in accepting our responsibility of learning and preparing for a lifetime commitment to the development of our society.
A student centred, empowering, performance driven and holistic learning experience that prepares students to become leaders in an increasingly complex world and global society:
To create a community of empowered learners in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust where students are inspired and challenged holistically to learn, grow, and accomplish academic, social and vocational goals.
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