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Jamaica Automobile Association 7 Central Avenue, Swallowfield - Kingston
Phone: 1 876-929-1200
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The Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA) sees its role as an advocate for road safety and mobility as an issue of national importance. It is with this in mind that the JAA Driving Academy was established, to provide drivers at various levels with instruction on responsible road use practices.
The Driving Academy was established to help drivers at different levels of experience, to become better and more responsible drivers as well as advocates for road safety in Jamaica.
The JAA Driving Academy has three programmes; Driver Assessment, Driver Improvement Programme and our Learner Driver Programme which is our most subscribed in the Driving Academy.
The Learner Driver Programme is aimed at beginner drivers and provides lessons using either an automatic or manual transmission vehicle. Lessons are held on our range as well as offering direct on the road.
The JAA Driving Academy service is only offered in the Corporate Area at present.
Learner Driver Standard:
Registration Fee $500 – Nonrefundable
For the Learner Driver Basic, you schedule your lessons and show up at the Academy at the agreed time.
Learner Package – Ten (10) lessons General Vehicle – $29,900.00
Learner Package – Ten (10) lessons Private Vehicle – $25,875.00
Single Lessons Private Transmission – $2,875.00
Single Lessons General Transmission – $3,335.00
Executive Service – Pick up and drop off – ONE WAY – $1,500.00
Vehicle rental for Exam – $5,000.00
Call (876-929-1200) to schedule class times upon proof of payment.
Driver Improvement Programme
The JAA Driver Improvement Programme aims to assist persons to reduce the risk of driving by anticipating dangerous situations, despite adverse conditions or the mistakes of others.
This detailed training course is divided into theoretical and practical sections, with input and instructions from representatives of the JAA, The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) and the Island Traffic Authority.
Each section of the course will be assessed to determine whether the student has successfully completed the training.
Driver Improvement Programme (Individual) = $11,650
Each participant will receive a certificate upon successfully completing the training programme.
Driver Improvement Programme (Company) = $17,475
Theory only = $11,650
Driver Assessment = $5,825
Each participant will receive a certificate upon successfully completing the training programme.
If only the Driver assessment is done, then only an assessment report is submitted to their company.
(Total Instructional Hours = 3-4 Hours)
Learner Driver Executive
Registration Fee $500 – Nonrefundable
Pick up and drop off – ONE WAY – $1,500.00
Private Lessons – $2,875.00
General Lessons – $3,335.00
The Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA), the premier Auto Club in Jamaica, provides unique member services, and is the source for vital information about safe road use and practices for road users and its members across the island.

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